Parish Religious Education Program (PREP)

Dear young people, like the first disciples, follow Jesus! Do not be afraid to draw near to him… to speak with him, face to face, as you talk with a friend.

The very first words, then, that I would like to say to every young Christian are these: Christ is alive and he wants you to be alive! He is in you, he is with you and he never abandons you. However far you may wander, he is always there, the Risen One. He calls you and he waits for you to return to him and start over again. When you feel you are growing old out of sorrow, resentment or fear, doubt or failure, he will always be there to restore your strength and your hope.

PREP is our Parish Religious Education Program which works with young people who attend non-Catholic schools as well as with all our parish First Reconciliation, First Communion, & Confirmation students regardless of school affiliation.   

PREP additionally aims to support parents, extended family, and guardians in evangelizing (making disciples of) their own children by providing families with resources, encouragement, & community for growing closer to God and one another. 

How can we partner to help our sons & daughters fall in love with Jesus and want to know Him more?  How can we help them know their worth & identity as God’s beloved children?  How can we, as adults, grow closer to our heavenly Father and model ourselves after His Son?

Section 1:

Info and forms for PREP Classes (3K-9th Grade in 2023-2024) and children preparing for the sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation at St. Joseph. 

Note there’s a bi-monthly BAPTISM CLASS for parents & godparents of infants and young children who need to be baptized!  Call the church office. 

Section 2:

Resource lists with links to articles, books and audio-visual options such as for the Mass (bringing kids to mass, children’s liturgy, missals, mass journaling, what you see in a Catholic church, packing a “Mass Bag”), Adoration, learning through play, ideas for your domestic church and more for adults, children, and teens.

Make sure to create accounts with FORMED and FRANCISCAN AT HOME (found at the very bottom of the page) to access online help with personal and family faith formation. FORMED has great Catholic content including tons of videos as well as audio presentations and books for all ages and stages; FRANCISCAN AT HOME video-based workshops are for older teens and adults.

SECTION 1: PREP Classes and Sacrament Preparation

PREP classes for 3K-8th Graders are held in St. Joseph Elementary School (SJS) on High Street each Sunday from 9:45-10:45 am, beginning September 17th.  See 9th Grade info below.

PREP classes for ALL our parish 9th Graders preparing for Confirmation in Spring 2024 will meet 9:45-10:45 in the Social Hall beginning Sept. 17th with parents in attendance.  All our parish teens in early high school (regardless of school affiliation) should register and attend.

Tuition for PREP is $50 for the first child and $35 for each additional child up to a $100 maximum per family. Every child is welcome regardless of tuition; just write “Scholarship Requested” on your registration form if you need one. Contact Mollie Germann (prep@st-joseph.ccwith questions.  

Please mail your completed PREP registration form &/or tuition, drop an envelope in the Offertory or at the church office, email a completed registration form (, or pay tuition via Online Giving  

Registered PREP families can request to be added to a private Facebook group: Saint Joseph Church Macon PREP Sunday School Group.


Families must be registered, active St. Joseph Church parishioners* both for their children to receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation here and for their children to attend PREP classes. Students must be baptized** prior to receiving these sacraments and should attend two years of continuous religious education [1st-2nd Grade/8th-9th Grade].

Celebrating the Lord’s Day with Mass each weekend is of utmost importance.  Even if you have to miss PREP or you’re traveling, you can still go to see Jesus there at the church!

If you are a parishioner but aren’t receiving mail from St. Joseph Church, please contact the office (478-745-1631 or to update your record.  You can register as a church parishioner online or via printable forms available on the St. Joseph Church Homepage.  

*If your child attends SJS, MDS, or PREP but you are registered as parishioners elsewhere and wish to remain so (or need to register elsewhere because that church, the one you attend weekly, is now your home parish), please reach out to your home church pastor or DRE to participate in their sacrament-preparation program since your child needs to celebrate these special milestones of First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation with their regular weekend home church community (the family’s registered parish).  

First Reconciliation & First Holy Communion

Parishioners with baptized** elementary students who’ll be preparing with us for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion as a group (second grade and above) should please:

  • Register for PREP and attend faithfully (this applies to students who do not attend a Catholic school). Homeschool families, please reach out to Mollie for a consult.  SJS students do not have to attend weekly PREP classes.  If you’d prefer to use a paper hard copy registration form, scroll up above for info.

  • Submit a completed First Reconciliation and First Communion Information/Application form when your student is in second grade+

    (This applies to 2nd grader and older elementary students who have not yet received their First Reconciliation and First Communion; please complete this form whether the child attends a Catholic school, public school, or homeschool.  Please go ahead and submit the form even if you don’t yet have the baptismal certificate available.)

  • Submit a copy of the student’s Baptismal Certificate.  

  • Make celebrating the Lord’s Day at Mass each weekend your family’s highest priority.  Jesus wants to encounter you and your child there and provide the grace we all so desperately need for the ups and downs of life.  Even if you miss PREP class by accident, go see Jesus at Mass!  See books & booklets at the back of the church to aid in understanding the miracle happening at every Mass.   FORMED has some good videos about the Mass and the Eucharist, too ( and see the animated Brother Francis series).

  • Keep an eye on the bulletin for any sacrament-specific meeting, workshop, or retreat.

  • Join the First Reconciliation Service typically held in the Spring of 2nd Grade.

  • Attend MANDATORY REHEARSAL in the church on Saturday, May 4th, at 10:00 am

  • Celebrate First Holy Communion Mass on Sunday, May 5th, 2024, at 2:00 pm.  Reception follows in the Social Hall.

** Contact the church office about Infant Baptism for a child 6 years or younger.  Children needing Baptism who are 7 years or older must prepare for and will receive the 3 sacraments of Initiation all at once per Canon Law (Baptism, Confirmation, & First Holy Communion).  Please contact the church office to request a Baptism Application Form and to RSVP for the next bi-monthly Baptism Class.  Children in RCIA families typically receive the sacraments with their parent(s) at the Easter Vigil.


This academic year (2023-2024) we transition to confirming high school freshmen, per Bishop Parkes’ preference. Confirmation preparation now begins in the Fall of 8th Grade and concludes with a Confirmation Mass in the Spring of 9th Grade.

Eighth Grade students who do not attend a Catholic school MUST attend 8th grade PREP classes each weekend in preparation for Confirmation at the end of the following year (a two-year cycle).  Homeschool families, please contact Mollie for a consult on how the church can support what you’re already doing. 

Eighth Grade students who attend a Catholic high school are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to attend the 8th grade PREP classes each weekend led by Dr. Gabe Germann. 

The Ninth Grade PREP Confirmation class is MANDATORY for all St. Joseph Church Confirmands.

ALL Parish families with NINTH OR TENTH GRADERS needing Confirmation this 2023-24 school year, please:

  • Make celebrating the Lord’s Day at Mass each weekend your family’s highest priority.  This can definitely be a special challenge with teens, but Jesus *really* meets us there in the Blessed Sacrament, the Eucharist.  He gives his whole self–body, blood, soul, and divinity–to save each one of us and to provide the grace we all so desperately need for life’s challenges.  FORMED has some good videos about the Mass and the Eucharist (check out the amazing Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist series!) and there are booklets about the Mass in the church to help us learn more about it; look for Fr. Mike Schmitz videos, too.  

  • Register your student with PREP (please register even if your student attends a Catholic weekday school or is homeschooled).  If you’d prefer a paper registration form, scroll up for link.

  • Complete a 2023-2024 Confirmation Application Information for Parish Form 

  • Submit a baptismal certificate copy.

  • Attend the mandatory Confirmation PREP classes during the 2023-24 academic year in the Social Hall from 9:45-10:45 on Sunday mornings beginning September 17th with a combined Parent & Student gathering.  

    • ALL students (regardless of school affiliation) MUST ATTEND church-based preparation classes the high school year they’re to be Confirmed (i.e. Freshman Class of 2023-2024).

  • Encourage your student to learn more about the great communion of Catholic saints in order to choose their Confirmation name saint. Some guidance on choosing a patron saint and some lists of websites about the saints are available here.  “The Confirmation name may be the Confirmand’s original baptismal name or one chosen by the Confirmand. The name used for the Rite of Confirmation must have Christian roots and the chosen name should have personal significance to the Confirmand. Attention should be taken that the name used corresponds to the gender of the Confirmand [young men choose a male saint; young women choose a female saint].”

  • Start praying and thinking about potential Sponsors (needed for the 2023-2024 academic year).  A CONFIRMATION SPONSOR MUST:

    • Be a practicing Catholic in good standing with the Church; be at least 16 years of age; have received the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Eucharist, and Confirmation; if married, be in a valid sacramental marriage; not be bound by canonical penalties.

    • Complete and submit a Sponsor Form signed by their church pastor and bearing the church seal attesting to the desired Sponsor being registered and actively participating at their home parish.  A Sponsor registered here at St. Joseph completes a Sponsor Affirmation Form (with Fr. Johnson’s name printed at the bottom).  A Sponsor  registered at any other parish completes a Sponsor Certification Form.

    • Per Bishop Parkes: Grandparents *may* serve as Sponsors for Confirmation, but “Each Candidate and their family should pray and reflect upon all options in choosing their Sponsor, realizing that Grandparents already have a special and natural role in the religious life of their Grandchild. Choosing a sponsor ought to be an opportunity to ask someone else to be a mentor and spiritual guide for the Candidate in the time of preparation and beyond.

  • Attend the Student/Parent Confirmation Retreat on Saturday, Feb. 10th, from 10:00-1:00 w/lunch.  See the Bulletin and the Announcements at Mass each weekend for updates (for example, the Parent & Student Meeting is on Sept. 17th at 9:45 in the Social Hall).

  • Anticipate Confirmation in the Spring of 2024 (a student’s 9th grade year).  Rehearsal and Mass will be two consecutive weeknights at 6pm (Savannah will advise us of approved dates later in the year)

Do you have an older high school or college age student who hasn’t yet received the sacrament of Confirmation?   Tenth Graders can join the church’s 2023-2024 Confirmation Class; otherwise contact the church office.

Youth Ministry (2023-24)

Faith Fabian is meeting with our teens (13-18) on Sunday evenings after the 5pm Mass.  Your 13-18 year olds are welcome to come to the Social Hall for dinner and time to connect with God and one another.  Keep an eye on the bulletin for updates.

Section 2: Resources

As for me and my house image cover yellow blue


Download this free e-book from Our Sunday Visitor! “What role do you want God to play in the life of your children?   Do you want faith to be a powerful force that supports you and them in their challenges and fears? Do you want faith to ground their moral compass? Do you want your children to have hope in a world that’s filled with despair? Do you want their faith in God to be strong enough so that they have the fortitude to raise their own children in the faith? 

Many parents want to make a difference in the faith lives of their children but aren’t sure how to start.  Sometimes it can be like trying to navigate a road without a GPS.   As For Me and My House is a practical guide to help you lead your kids to Christ and navigate this winding and sometimes bumpy road.  Written in simple and accessible language, As For Me and My House not only explores who Jesus is and why he came, but also suggests ways to help you and your family encounter Christ in a whole new way and put him at the center of your family life.” 


Please also see the bottom of the page for info about parish subscriptions to FORMED and FRANCISCAN AT HOME (the Catechetical Institute/CI of Franciscan University of Steubenville) which grant free access to our parishioners and their families.


“What is Adoration?  A How To Video presented by St. Ann’s Children’s Ministry” 

Fr. Mike Schmitz and the Ascension Presents RECEIVED First Communion program show us “What really happens in Eucharistic Adoration?”  This is a beautifully done presentation!

Mass Resources

There are BOOKS for children and young people on the back tables of the church.  

See CHILDREN’S LITURGY section further down the page…

Sunday Connection

THE SUNDAY CONNECTION:  “God speaks to us in many ways, including through the Sunday Scripture readings. The Sunday Connection from Loyola provides useful background and activities to better understand the upcoming Sunday’s Scripture readings, helping you to connect the Scripture to daily life in a meaningful way.  You’ll find each Sunday’s Readings and more (printable version available):”


HOLY HEROES (free download or free email subscription with pages to print.  Features a short Gospel video; Coloring page; Mass quiz; Pre-Reader Activity Page; Mass readings) 

CATHOLIC KIDS BULLETIN w/Theresa. (Worksheets match with the weekly Mass readings, Gospel coloring pages, activities throughout the month incl. Psalm copy work, word search, & a saint. Bulletin outlines the liturgy so kids can follow along during Mass and learn the order and structure of the Mass; handouts help students focus at Mass or help them be prepared for the Sunday Mass.)

At, click the “CHILDREN” tab to access sermons, videos, crafts, activities, and more for children.  For example, the following links to Sunday, June 4th (Holy Trinity Sunday).

Every%2BSacred%2BFamily%2BCatholic%2BMass%2BDiscussion%2BGuide%2BCover.jpgEvery Sacred Family: A 52-Week Mass Discussion Guide (digital edition only-must be purchased).  This 80-page Guide provides “a roadmap to prepare for Mass as a family, engage kids of all ages at Mass, and continue faith-filled conversation throughout the week — because catechizing our kids starts with conversation! For every Sunday and Solemnity, there are three discussion questions that dive into the Mass readings, with a particular focus on the weekly Gospel reading.”

52 Sundays logo52 Sundays is a FREE family resource from Unleash the Gospel/the Archdiocese of Detroit.  Celebrate the Lord’s Day with a dynamic guide to help you and your family reclaim the Lord’s Day with prayer, activities, food, and more. Sign up for the weekly email.

There are Children’s Liturgy books, including ones like Celebrating Sunday for Catholic Families 2022-2023 or At Home with the Word 2023 (see inside with “Google Preview” option at each link!).  Living Faith Kids publishes daily reflection booklets based on the church’s daily Gospel Readings.  Remember to double-check the date range you’re actually going to receive!  For example, a church publication connected with the year’s readings labelled “2023-2024” is typically indicating the church LITURGICAL year which isn’t the same as a calendar year–for example, the 2023-2024 church liturgical year doesn’t begin until the First Sunday of Advent which falls this year on December 3rd, 2023!

See additional sections for missals and Mass-related books and journals, etc. below, including Magnificat’s monthly MagnifiKid! subscription (children ages 6-12) and Living with Christ’s yearly Sunday Missal for Young Catholics (booklet for children age 7+; see one Sunday’s pages here).

ADULTS: Consider a monthly magazine (print or digital subscription) to The Word Among Us or Magnificat or a book like Mark Hart’s One Sunday at a Time: Preparing Your Heart for Weekly Mass.

The Word Among Us The monthly The Word Among Us magazines include “daily meditations based on the Mass readings of the Catholic Church, inspirational essays, testimonies and stories of the saints and other Christian heroes! Through this offer you will receive 10 issues delivered to your door, plus full Web Edition access and a free book (Free booklet available to subscribers in the USA/Canada only).”

Magnificat Magazine Subscription ( 1 Year / 12 Issues )

Monthly Magnificat magazines are “a spiritual guide to help you develop your prayer life, grow in your spiritual life, find a way to a more profound love for Christ, and participate in the holy Mass with greater fervor.  Magnificat is a monthly publication designed for daily use, to encourage both liturgical and personal prayer. It can be used to follow daily Mass and can also be read at home or wherever you find yourself for personal or family prayer.”

Check out Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermons and Fr. Mike Schmitz’ Sunday Homilies.  They are often worth listening to even if you’ve already been to Mass in person! You can watch Sunday Mass with Fr. Mike Schmitz on youtube or at  There are print, video, and audio reflections available all over the place–including on FORMED, HALLOW, AMEN, and online (try googling Catholic Sunday Mass Reflection–for example, Bishop Barron’s emailed daily Gospel Reflections from Word on Fire Ministries or Jeff Cavins’ “Encountering the Word with the Living Word” Reflections).  The USCCB website has Daily Readings and video reflections.  See

Children's Liturgy

Mass Journaling

Consider helping your child JOURNAL about the weekend’s Mass Readings or about what they see & hear during Mass. They could do so before Mass to prepare, during Mass to follow along, or after Mass for follow-up & discussion.

  • Primary Journals are blank composition books for younger children combining both drawing and writing space.  
  • Bring a writing utensil and/or color pencils or crayons (plus something stiff to write on) so your elementary child can complete a St. Joseph Church My Mass Journal page (double-sided) to connect more closely with Mass each weekend!  Print one at home beforehand or pick up a copy in the church entryway near the Bulletins or on a back table.
  • For children 8 years and older, see TO HEAR HIS VOICE: A Mass Journal for Catholic Kids.  The newest one for Year A runs from Advent 2022-Pentecost 2023.  
  • For teens and adults, see EVERY SACRED SUNDAY (these often sell out every Fall before the new church liturgical year begins w/Advent).
  • Google “mass journal,” “weekly mass journal,” or “Mass Reflection Sheet/Page” for more!

Mass Bag

  • Consider packing a church bag with things that you ONLY bring out at Mass so your kiddo isn’t tired of the special thing thanks to lots of frequent time with it/them–for example, church or Mass-related books/Children’s Missal, age-appropriate Bible, quiet toys, activity, etc. 
  • Use Ascension’s new My First Interactive Mass Book, a top recommendation for families with young children right now (ages 3-8, available through Ascension or Amazon)!  
  • See Catholic Church “water-reveal” card sets from Shining Light Dolls (ABCs/Saints and rosary themed for ages 3+) 
  • Make your own or buy “lacing cards” lace-up toys with church/religious images or themes for a child to work with – here’s one of the sets at Oriental Trading Company (you could DIY it by gluing any church-appropriate picture to a piece of cardboard, hole-punch around its edges, and attach string or a long shoelace!).  Make a sturdy Lace-Up Missal with the help of an Arma Dei download.
  • If you pack worksheets or blank paper, make sure you’ve got a clipboard or tall book to place behind the piece of paper for writing/coloring purposes. Color pencils or crayons; writing utensil.
  • Here is one mom’s Mass Bag suggestions: DIY Mass Bag  
  • Making or buying plush soft toys (soft nativity figures, Jesus, saints, Mary dolls, etc) is another idea. For ex, Shining Light Dolls and Be a Heart.
  • See Missal and Catholic Church/Mass-Related Books section below (incl. books that help children identify what they see around the church and on the altar)
  • Google for more suggestions and see the articles below!

There are BOOKS for children and young people on the back tables of the church!

Doing Mass with Kids

“Mass with Kids” by Madeline Walz, Southern Cross magazine – August 2022 edition

Passing Your Faith on to Your Kids (How to Take Squirrels to Mass…) with Jackie and Bobby Angel

15 Tips for Surviving Mass with Young Children by Jennifer Groft (“Some of these suggestions are practical advice, and some are more motivational. With all parenting advice, take what works for you and toss the rest.”)

How to Get the Most Out of Mass by Katie Bogner at Look to Him and Be Radiant

Bringing Your Kids to Mass from Ascension Press Media with Jackie & Bobby 


There are BOOKS for children and young people on the back tables of the church!

“Look up to the altar, / And what do you see? That small piece of bread / In the priest’s hands is me! My child, I am Jesus,/ And I love you so. I have a great story / I’d like you to know.” — JESUS and the Miracle of the MASS

“With beautiful illustrations and memorable rhyme, this book introduces children to the miracle that occurs at every Mass — the bread and wine on the altar transformed into the real presence of Jesus. Told from the unique and intimate perspective of Jesus himself, the story explains the incredible gift that the Eucharist is for us.  Jesus and the Miracle of the Mass will draw children and adults alike into Jesus’ heart and spark a love and desire for the Eucharist.”


  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:  Get a copy of the GREAT new book from Ascension Press for preschool and early elementary children (age 3+; Supervise very young children or moving parts will be ruined): MY FIRST INTERACTIVE MASS BOOK (English or Spanish; consider buying a few extras to donate to the church 🙂
  • MagnifiKid! is a weekly children’s missalette subscription with full Scripture readings & Eucharistic prayers designed specifically for children ages 6-12 to help them pray and follow Sunday Mass.  Subscribers receive the issues on a monthly basis. In each month’s packet, children will find a booklet of sixteen color pages for each Sunday, and also special issues for the major feast days (Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Ascension, Assumption, All Saints Day).  See a sample month’s magazines here as a flipbook.MagnifiKid! 

  • Living with Christ Sunday Missal for Young Catholics 2022-23Living with Christ Sunday Missal for Young Catholics (yearly subscription) from Bayard.  Age 7+.  You can preview one Sunday’s entry free online here 

There are both DIY printable and published books to help children identify what they might see in a church or during Mass, for example: My First Catholic Church Book” free project. This is a “My First Words” type printable project with items in a Catholic church to insert into a photo book.  (Ask Mollie for a copy.)  Photos of items from other churches are included in the free printables, but consider taking pictures of the actual items found in St. Joseph to print and insert in the photo book.  Your child can then point out where they see the item–for example, find the real SJCC tabernacle or altar after seeing the photos of them in their special book. Ask Mollie for the 4×6 photo album and printables to work from!

“Aquaint your young children with 40 items associated with the Holy Mass, including the tabernacle, the altar, the crucifix, the ambo, the chalice, the thurible, and more. This small sturdy board book is designed specifically for teething, spills, and playful little hands. 24 pages feature poetry that explores the beauty and mystery of the elements and traditions of Catholic worship, along with inviting photographs and watercolors to awaken the imagination and offer a glimpse of things unseen.”

Articles at Mass: A Roman Catholic Picture Book (a board book from Ascension with items at Mass for children to identify).

Also see Catholic ABC books like E is for Eucharist from TAN Books (preschool to first grade)  E is for Eucharist: A Catholic ABC

Hardcover A is for Altar, B Is for Bible BookA is for Altar, B is for Bible by Judith Lang Main and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Find a video of the book being read aloud here.

                    Catholic Church Alpha-Wet Water Reveal Cards - Shining Light Dolls

Wet-Reveal sets (age 3+) ABC items in Catholic Church Alpha-Wet Water Reveal Cards from Shining Light Dolls.

Free Printable My Mass Book (age 4-9) and My Very Little Mass Book (toddler-preschooler) by Jennifer Groft (donation welcome)

Let’s Go to Mass: A Visual Presentation of the Holy Mass, a book from Herald Entertainment and Brother Francis Online.  Also see the Brother Francis animated series videos on FORMED!  Look for episodes called The Mass: A Life-Giving Prayer and The Bread of Life: Celebrating the Eucharist.

The Holy Mass: On Earth as it is in Heaven - Holy Heroes

THE HOLY MASS: On Earth as It Is in Heaven Explore the Mass with Lego brick illustrations!  Sold by Holy Heroes.  “Children go on a journey through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, explaining where each part of the Mass comes from and why we know that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist!  This amazing explanation of Scripture and liturgy shows that God revealed how we are to worship Him beginning with Moses, the Exodus, and His Old Covenant directives, then fully revealed this true worship in its fullness and completion through His Son in the New Covenant.”

My Mass Book from RCL Benziger (also see corresponding Parent Guide download pages)

My Mass Book from Sadlier (ages 7-9)

A missal for ChildrenA Missal for Children from Magnificat (age 7+)

The MASS for Children – A St. Joseph Picture Book by Rev. Jude Winkler (Age 7-10) 

The Prayers of the Mass & Best Loved Catholic Prayers booklet set from Holy Heroes 

Learning Through Play

There are pre-made kits/products out there as well as DIY ideas which will allow children to use their hands to explore elements of the Mass or of a Catholic Church.

Domestic Church

Catholic All Year with Kendra Tierney at

Catholic Icing, see articles in Passing On The Faith: A Catholic Icing Series such as the first article in the series on the Liturgical Year.

Teaching Catholic Kids

Holy Heroes at

Catholic Sprouts website and their Domestic Church Project work

See ideas from the “Parent Pages:  Preparing the environment of the Domestic Church.  [The term “Domestic Church” refers to the family, the smallest body of gathered believers in Christ. Though recovered only recently, the term dates back to the first century AD. The Greek word ecclesiola referred to “little church.” The early Church understood that the home was fertile ground for discipleship, sanctification, and holiness.”]

Click to access ForYourBaby.pdf

Click to access Praying-with-young-children.pdf

Click to access Preparing-a-Prayer-Space-at-Home-2020.pdf

Click to access Prayer-and-Ritual-at-Home_10-2020.pdf

Click to access HowToSetUpPrayerTable.pdf

"The Kids in Your Life Will Love OSV Kids!"

Each issue of OSV Kids is faithful, interesting and packed with new things to learn and do. With read-aloud stories, activities, games and appealing images, OSV Kids helps parents introduce and familiarize their young children with the teachings of the Catholic Church and the rhythm of the liturgical year… OSV Kids is designed specifically to build up the domestic church and help parents pass on the Faith at home.” OSV Kids Magazine OSV Kids is a monthly magazine designed for Catholic families to help their children ages 2-6 fall in love with their Catholic Faith. It’s a one-of-a-kind Catholic publication that helps families enhance their domestic churches. Living the Faith is easy with OSV Kids magazine! The booklet sized magazine has teaching topics and built-in activities; check with Mollie if you’d like to see sample issues! You can also enter your email to subscribe to their free newsletter.

The Teeny Tiny Theology board book series helps parents, grandparents, and teachers introduce the Faith to young children. These books present theological concepts in a fun, unique, and easily understandable way. (Adults might find they learn alongside their little ones, too!) Teeny Tiny Christology; Teeny Tiny The Trinity, Teeny Tiny Sacred Scripture, & Teeny Tiny Salvation History

BLESSED, Dynamic Catholic’s groundbreaking animated series for kids now has 12 seasons of FREE Catholic Content for Kids!

Books & Bibles

“Katie Reads…” from longtime DRE teacher Katie Bogner at Look to Him and Be Radiant has very helpful “book lists” of favorites by topic (favorite books about the Mass, about Mary, the Sacraments, etc)!

CHILDREN’S BIBLES, stories of the saints, & more are available for many different ages and stages–from toddler board books for on up to teens and adults.  Archbishop Fulton Sheen and Fr. Mike Schmitz both recommend Iva Hoth’s The Picture Bible Hardcover The Picture Bible Bookfor elementary and early middle school kids since comic book and graphic novel style books are especially popular with kids today.  See options from Ignatius (The Illustrated Bible for Children & more)the Loyola Kids SeriesSt. Mary’s Press (The Catholic Children’s Bible for elementary, Breakthrough! The Bible for Young Catholics for middle school, or The Catholic Youth Bible)Ascension Press (check out Ascension’s new GPS: God’s Plan in Scripture Series for kids of varying ages and their The Great Adventure Catholic Bible for adults with the groundbreaking Bible Timeline system), Sophia Press, 23rd Publications, Living Faith Kids has some GREAT Sticker booklets to choose from, Creative Communications, Pauline Kids Jesus: The Graphic Novel (age 9-12), The Action Bible: God’s Redemptive Story (ages 8-12), and more.  


Various forms of prayer are presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 2623-2649). These various forms include prayer of blessing or adoration, prayer of petition, prayer of intercession, prayer of thanksgiving, and prayer of praise.

The MASS is our highest form of prayer with the Eucharist as the source and summit of the Christian life.  How can we also bring prayer into our own and our children’s daily lives–both traditional memorized prayers as well as conversational prayer, meditative prayer, and more? 

Participating in ADORATION can be a great place to start since our church has an Adoration Chapel available 24/7 to visit with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament (See Adoration section below).

There are some wonderful Catholic Prayer & Meditation Apps like HALLOW to try (some content is free while other features require a subscription).  The AMEN App is free, as is the iBreviary App (or the website) which includes the Liturgy of the Hours prayers and readings updated daily. See Pray as You Go for more resources.

Try the EXAMEN prayer!  Short audio here includes Examen prayer guides for adults, children, and young adults. Here’s A Daily Examen for Children and Teens (ideas for younger children as well as older children and teens) from Teaching Catholic Kids — sharing our daily “Highs and Lows” while sitting around the dinner table is an easy way to start implementing this concept and also to connect with each other!  Examen for Children: Teaching our Children Prayer Pray as You Go Special Examen for Children “

Check out the PRAY AS YOU GO website or App which features 10-13 minute daily audio combines music, scripture & reflection questions based on Ignatian Spirituality aimed to help you to:

  • become more aware of God’s presence in your life
  • listen to and reflect on God’s word
  • grow in your relationship with God

Through the Year with Jesus: Gospel Reading and Reflections for Children  (and now Through the Year with Mary: Ponder and Pray Together with Children) books by Katherine Bogner

BRAND NEW BOOK from ASCENSION PRESS in 2023 (for ages 7-10)! Jesus and Me: Talking with My Greatest Friend

Some books for parents:

Pray with me: Seven Simple Ways to Pray with Your Children by Grace Mazza Urbanski

77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids by Jerry Windley-Daoust

Explore FORMED prayer resources, Daily Reflections and more; see Formed section further down.


Did you know St. Joseph has an Adoration Chapel you can visit anytime?  Follow the link for details and resources:

“What is Adoration?  A how to Video presented by St. Ann’s Children’s Ministry” I AM HERE – Jesus meets you in the Eucharist

How to Make a Holy Hour blog post DRE Katie Bogner from Look to Him and Be Radiant

“Taking Your Children to Eucharistic Adoration without Losing Your Marbles? article

Check out the Guided Children’s Adoration website (especially see sections “List of Things to Do in Adoration,” Introduction for Children” and “Just Jesus and Me” – which includes two self-guided options for children who can read and write). The List of Things Children Can Do in Adoration page is intended for all Children, Younger Children, & Co-parental prayer. See these and more at the Just Jesus and Me page including free printable Coloring/Manipulative Adoration Prayer Sheets.

Adoration of the… Um… Er“ article by Annie Turner at Busted Halo

 LifeTeen Come Adore: A Teen’s Guide to Adoration pocket-sized booklet

Teen Prayer article: “A Beginner’s Guide to Adoration

USCCB Adoration Video

Free e-Book: In His Presence: How to Get the Most from Eucharistic Adoration from OSV

Books/Booklets for Children about Adoration

Eucharistic Adoration for Little Ones (Little Ones Series) Eucharistic Adoration for Little Ones (see all Kimberly Fries’ books); we have a copy at the church! 

 Jesus and Me: Talking with My Greatest Friend

See the really great new book from ASCENSION PRESS(for ages 7-10)! Jesus and Me: Talking with My Greatest Friend.  Mollie has a copy if you’d like to take a look!

See Catholic Sprouts Adoration themed products. The board book is in the Adoration Chapel.  Check with Mollie to see the other two.

Adoration Coloring Book (Pre-Readers on up)

Jesus I Adore You board book (Age 0-3),

Adoring Christ with the Saints: Adoration Journal for Kids (2nd Grade +)Adoration Journal for Kids

Catholic Sprouts Parent’s Guide to Adoration  

He Is With Us Always 

He Is With Us Always by Br. Francoise Fontanie, CFR; published by OSV Kids “‘Brother François, please tell us about the Eucharist.’  “When Brother François invites two children to join him in visiting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, they learn all about the source and summit of our Catholic Faith. In terms children can understand, Brother François explains that the Eucharist is: a truth we’ll never completely understand; an endless gift of love; a way to say “thank you” to God; and, most importantly, that the Eucharist is Jesus!  Written and illustrated to help children fall in love with the Eucharist, He Is With Us Always will become a treasured family favorite.”

Finding YouThe wonderful Finding You book from the Sisters of Life uses a story to teach children about the Eucharist, Adoration, and how to pray. “Ella loves to find interesting places and meet new people in crazy, noisy, New York City! However, one sunny afternoon, she is caught entirely by surprise when she comes upon two mysterious wooden doors, and finds Someone very special waiting for her inside. Ella soon begins to see that this “Someone” knew her very well. And far beyond any museum or boat ride could ever promise, she realizes there is a place she can share her heart and find real happiness and joy.”  A copy is on the church back table and in the Adoration Chapel. 

Jesus, I Adore You Jesus I Adore You: Children Praying before the Blessed Sacrament by Sabine du Mesnil from MAGNIFICAT/Ignatius. “How do we adore God who has shared his divine presence with us in the Blessed Sacrament?  Adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament can simply be taking a moment to say that we love him. How? By going inside a Catholic church and quietly drawing near to his presence in the tabernacle. Jesus, I Adore You teaches children what Eucharistic Adoration is, the ways they can practice Adoration, and suggestions for lovely prayers and words to use in Adoration. It draws on beautiful words from Scripture, and the inspiring words from various saints on prayer.” There’s a copy at the back table of the church.


An Adoration Treasury for Young Catholics by Sr Mary Bosco Davis, OSF, and Sr. M. Lissetta Gettinger, OSF, from OSV Kids.  “In this adoration treasury, written by two Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration — a religious order dedicated to perpetual adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament — young Catholics will find a multitude of prayers, hymns, meditations, and ways to pray before the Eucharist, accompanied by beautiful illustrations.”

My Visit with Jesus: A book for children during Eucharistic Adoration by Helana Lehto (this paperback booklet is in the Adoration Chapel).  To order, contact Helana Lehto at 218-727-1730 or email “A book for children and the child-like to help them come to Jesus in a personal way in Eucharistic Adoration. 21 meditations are written in letter format from the child to Jesus, or Jesus to His child. The focus is on the Real Presence of Jesus and the thoughts and concerns of children from reading age to pre-teen. It includes suggestions for parents, teachers and priests.” 

Come To Jesus Kids Book For Eucharistic Adoration Come to Jesus: A Kid’s Book for Eucharistic Adoration  (Ages 6-8) by Sr. Anne Joan Flanagan of Pauline Books.  “Jesus is a friend like no other. He always cares, always listens, and is always ready to help – and in the Eucharist, Jesus is always with us. This lovely book introduces children to the concept of spending time with Jesus in Eucharistic adoration. Includes three visits to Jesus in the Eucharist, featuring prayers, Bible stories, and illustrations. Each prayer outline is divided in three parts: Jesus our Way, Jesus our Truth, and Jesus our Life. Includes notes for adult prayer leaders, practical recommendations for using the book with groups, and a list of Eucharistic adoration resources. Also includes a section of basic Catholic prayers, the mysteries of the Rosary, and how to pray the Rosary. Kid-friendly design makes this book easy and fun to use! A wonderful, affordable resource for families, schools, and parish groups.”

The Real Presence children’s storybook from Ascension Press

Eucharistic Adoration Coloring Book from EWTNshow image: null


Adoration Journals

(for reading/writing-age children and young people)

  • Adoring Christ with the Saints: Adoration Journal for Kids (2nd Grade+/Catholic Sprouts) “Come adore Jesus with the Saints!  This beautiful spiral bound journal is perfect for children 2nd grade and older. With this journal, children will be guided through simple reflections drawn from the life and words of the saints. Slow down and share yourself with Jesus through this beautiful book!”

Catholic Children's Adoration Journal

My Visit with Jesus: A Child’s Adoration Journal (ages 7-12/Someday Saints) “This Adoration prayer journal is written to help children encounter the Lord while praying in Adoration. It is most suitable for ages 8-13. If your younger child is reading well, it’s also a great choice for younger than 8yr old!”

My Visit With Jesus: A book for children during Eucharistic Adoration/Jesus, the Divine Friend of Children For copies, contact Helana Lehto: ph. 218-727-1730/ 

Adoration with Kids Advice and Printables (See free printable “My Adoration Book” ACTS Prayer Guide booklet & coloring or journal pages–Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving, & Supplication; DIY Adoration Journal paste-in headings!) from Katie Bogner at Look to Him and Be Radiant

Guided Children's Adoration

See Adoration printable (3 double-sided pages pdf) writing prompts/questions at Guided Children’s Adoration website.  Go to the Just Jesus and Me section and see “​My Time with Jesus,” quiet self-guided time for a reading-age child going to Adoration.   It has prayer prompts and questions with spaces to write.  It helps walk the child through greeting Jesus, praising Jesus, telling Jesus they are sorry, thanking Jesus, asking Jesus for needs, and listening to Jesus.  Recommended:  A 5 or 10 minute sand timer, a pencil, and a clip board. The My Time with Jesus – Condensed pdf is a single double-sided page version of the original.

Life of Christ: Lectio Divina Journal 
by Sr. John Dominic Rasmussen (Junior High through Adult)

Google for other journals to purchase or create DIY (see Katie Bogner’s ACTS option above/Look to Him and Be Radiant)

Books for children and young people about the Catholic Faith, Sacraments, Saints, and more...

A work in progress...

See “Katie Reads” tag for book lists by topic from Catholic school Director of Religious Education and author Katie Bogner who blogs at Look to Him and Be Radiant. Her favorites for Catholic Kids can be found here.

Tell Me about the Catholic Faith: From the Bible to the Sacraments published by Ignatius/MAGNIFICAT Tell Me about the Catholic Faith: From the Bible to the Sacraments.  There’s also an edition called Tell Me about the Catholic Faith for Small Children.Tell me about the Catholic Faith for Small Children

Catechism of the Seven Sacraments from Storytel (Lego illustrations):Book: Catechism of the Seven Sacraments

“Join your friendly guides Fulton and Cynthia on a biblical adventure as they journey from creation to salvation and discover the importance of God’s sanctifying grace. Set in a vivid comic-book format with stunning photographs, this book makes profound theological concepts accessible to both the Catholic and the curious, the child and the adult. Readers will develop a deeper understanding of salvation history, discover how to participate in God’s covenant, and learn how to obtain grace through the sacraments, which are essential on our lifelong journey to the Eternal Promised Land.”

Who Is Jesus? His Life, His Land, His Time by MAGNIFICAT/Ignatius (age 9+)Who is Jesus?

The Life of Jesus According to Saint Luke by MAGNIFICAT/Ignatius (age 7+)The Life of Jesus according to Saint Luke

YOUCAT for Kids: A Catholic Catechism for Children & Parents Paperback Youcat for Kids Book

YOUCAT: Youth Catechism of the Catholic ChurchPaperback Youcat: Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church Book

Check out books by Amy Welborn such as the Loyola Kids SeriesLoyola Kids Book of Catholic Signs and Symbols: An Illustrated Guide to Their History and Meaning; Loyola Kids Book of Heroes; Loyola Kids Book of Saints; and the Loyola Kids Book of Bible Stories

PROVE IT Youth series: Prove It: God; Prove It: Jesus; Prove It: Church; Prove It: Prayer Prove It:Godby Amy Welborn and Our Sunday Visitor Press


The one who sings prays twice. – attributed to St. Augustine

Sing, listen to, & play music for your family!  Whether it’s church hymns old and new, beautiful chant, or contemporary praise and worship Christian music, it’s a great way to celebrate God’s presence and spread Christian themes and Biblical quotes throughout your family’s day.  Music can help us in the goal to “pray without ceasing” and center our hearts and minds on Jesus.

How to Pray with Music” article at Hallow

“Father I Adore You” song

HALLOW App. has some amazing playlists! 

Hidden in My Heart/Scripture Lullabies feature powerful, peaceful music for ALL ages with themes and quotes from Scripture set to beautiful orchestral music. Playlist with 79 songs on YouTube and available on all streaming platforms. 

The Vigil Project: We Make Music for the Catholic Journey

Harpa Dei: Musica Sacra: Playlist here on Youtube.

Discover Catholic musicians like Matt Maher, Danielle Rose, John Michael Talbot, Ike Ndola, Aly Aleigha, Sarah Kroger, The Vigil Project, Paul J. Kim, and more!


ASCENSION PRESENTS – Fr. Mike Schmitz!! (also see his popular Bible in a Year daily podcast and Sermon series!), Matt Fradd, The CFRs (Franciscan Friars of the Renewal-Fr. Mark Mary and Co.), Ask Father Josh, The Jeff Cavins Show –-talk about the Bible, discipleship, and evangelization, putting it all together and living it as activated disciples), the Every Knee Shall Bow Catholic Evangelist Podcast, and more!

ASCENSION APP: “The word of God and the complete teachings of the Catholic Church. Answers and commentary by Fr. Mike Schmitz, Jeff Cavins, and other experts. Video, audio, and textual commentary. Right on your phone.”  It includes the “Bible in a Year” podcast, “Catechism in a Year” podcast, full text of the Ascension Great Adventure Catholic Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church as well as answers to commonly asked questions about the Bible (links to videos and articles!).  You can find it on Google Play or download it from the App Store.  Required iOs 13.0+.  Learn more at Ascension Press (  

CCC Catechism of the Catholic Church Second Edition Flipbook Online  (Zoomed in for easier reading)

COMPENDIUM of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (summarized version in question & answer format; read more from the UCCB description about the Compendium here.)

YOUCAT Daily App: Keep growing in faith with a daily 5-minute dose of the Holy Gospel from the Y-Bible and a YOUCAT or DOCAT question.
You’ll find it on Google Play or in the App Store. (for answers to questions, search under Faith/Catholic Q&A) (the Catholic Answers website) (Catholics United for the Faith) (FOCUS Ministries) (the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops; for the readings of the day Daily Readings or hear as a podcast; you can subscribe so the Daily Readings come to your email inbox; searchable New American Bible, information on the new Missal translation, and more) (the official Vatican website, for church documents)

Spirit Juice Studios (also see the great new JUICE BOX online children’s show and YouTube channel!)








CATHOLIC CENTRAL  “Enterforming* website on all things Catholic”

(*Entertaining and Informing)



YOUCAT Daily App


St. Joseph has a subscription to the online Catholic web platform FORMED: The Catholic Faith on Demand. As a parishioner  you can have 24/7 free access to this “Catholic Netflix,” which contains movies, videos, online CDs, downloadable books, audio recordings, and more (for adults and youth).  New content is added each week!  Check out these well-done series there:

Sign up and grow your faith at (enter our church zip code)

Ongoing Formation for Parents at FORMED (new resources are regularly added on their Website/App):

Catechetical Instituto logo image 3 green gold black


Saint Joseph Church has a parish/institutional subscription granting our parishioners free accounts to access video-based workshops from the Franciscan University of Steubenville’s Catechetical Institute (“CI” or “Franciscan at Home”).  There are learning Tracks for parents, educators, and any parishioner whatsoever who’d like to learn or deepen their knowledge about a wide range of faith-related subjects from Scripture to Evangelization and more!    Go to and look for the blue button which reads “My parish or institution is already registered and I would like to set up my individual free account.”  We’re listed under the Diocese of Savannah as St. Joseph Catholic Church – Macon

Ministry of Parenting (MP) Track:

“The Catechetical Institute (CI) views parenting as the critical catechetical role in the Church. Our desire is to help families in our challenging modern culture see God’s plan for the domestic church and the school of holiness it creates as the decisive element in bringing about a culture of life. The workshops in this track are not intended to result in any certification but instead aim at a far more fundamental end: forming adults who know how to live a missionary life in marriage and judge nothing in life as great as the work of parenting toward sainthood and striving for spousal sanctity. To foster this, a great variety of pragmatic and imaginative workshops are offered by the Catechetical Institute as electives in every track and collected together in this track.” 

Forming Faith at Home (FFH) Track: 

“In this time of unprecedented challenge, this brief and very doable set of workshops can help parents who won’t be able to send their children back to parish-based or school programs in the normal way. It is intended to help parents attune to a more home-focused formation during the coming months at least, if not longer.” 

First Proclamation and Evangelization (FPE) Track:

“This track is intended for any individual, clergy or lay, active in ministry or not, who desires to develop the ability to proclaim the Gospel to others.  Workshops in this three-part series address the critical content of the basic Gospel message, effective ways to unfolded its saving content, the nature of conversion and faith development, the natural and necessary connection between evangelization and a deeper exploration of the faith, best practices in the field in a wide range of circumstances, skills development, the place of apologetics, avenues to evangelize families and specific age groups, and the need to be well-formed in the pastoral and spiritual aspects of outreach.”